We are the creative team behind Chic Unique and are all here because of our passion for this industry.  Being able to live a dream is truly a blessing and so we make it our number one priority to give our brides our very best so that they get the chance to live their dreams too!



I have always been a hopeless romantic. I love romance, flowers, sweet surprises, and being in love. Naturally, all of these wonderful things come with newly engaged couples. I adore sitting with these couples, talking about their vision for their perfect wedding. I work very hard to make this vision a reality. In fact, I thrive on it. I have just one philosophy when it comes to this passion of mine: Make It Happen!


My true passion has always been in design. I love taking an ordinary idea or object and turning it into a wow moment. There is so much more to planning a party or event than just decorating: you have to turn it in to a memorable experience! Some of my favorite things include creating beautiful tablescapes, mixing vintage and modern, and I adore a good theme.  Nothing beats the happiness of a satisfied client and that is my number one goal when you book me. Bring your vision and let's turn it into the event of a lifetime. 



I can't tell you how much I love happily ever after. I have been in the event planning industry since 2010 when I started this career in the catering business. After several years of planning events on the side for family and friends, I was offered the opportunity to live my passion and  be a part of the industry that I love so deeply. My joy lies in being able walk a bride through the journey of creating the wedding of her dreams. When the most beautiful day of her life arrives, and she is able to live in the moment and enjoy her day without worry, I know that I have done my job. My motto is enjoy your day; leave the stress and worry to me!


Cathy is the creative mind behind our wedding walls and signs. She spends endless hours in her craft cave coming up with the next big rental! She enjoys being a behind-the-scenes gal but get her our in public and you will die laughing–she has a wicked sense of humor. We love us some Cathy and you will too! Ask her if she'd design something special for you and she'll say "Damn skippy!" (That means yes!)