When planning an event, we understand the importance of a budget and also how hard it is to stick to one . If you are like most folks, you want to know how much things costs up front, because it's terribly disappointing to fall in love with something you see online only to learn following several phone calls and a road trip that it's financially out of reach.  For that reason we've put our prices right out there for everyone to see. We think it saves precious time and hurt feelings to know when you walk into our shop what you want and how much you're going to spend on it.  The bottom line here is we have rentals to meet every budget , whether it's vintage  touches or a full out vintage event, we'll help you stay within your budget.

Whoops Fees & Replacement Fees

Things happen and for that reason we add 5% to the total rental order. This covers minor nicks, scratches, and stains that don'r require a third party to remove. If rentals need dry cleaning for heavy stains or need a third party to repair cracks and breaks, client will be billed the cost of the repairs.   Rentals,  returned damaged beyond repair, not returned due to theft, missing parts or cannot be reused do to heavy soiling or stains, a replacement or recovery fee will be incurred equalling 5 times the rental rate. 

Delivery & Set Up

In most cases you are welcome to come to our shop and pick up your rented items in fact we encourage it and when you do, we will be glad to help you load up! At this time Chic Unique is only offering deliver to clients using Event Planning or event design & installation services.   Our delivery fees start at $75 for local areas in Hampton Roads but we don't limit ourselves to Coastal Virginia...we are happy to come to you and can offer a custom quote to your area. For extra large deliveries, a separate agreement may be required by third party companies for their services. 

Set Up/Take Down  

Most of our inventory is ready to  go out the door and can easily be put together and placed right where you envisioned them. There are a few items however that require our professional installation. For liability reasons, we have to install our chandeliers and a few of our Wedding Arches/Doors . For those of you who wish to have all of your rentals, set up and/or taken down we offer installation services. For these services we'll need a seven day prior notice and fees start at $65 hr.

Other Stuff

Once you've decided on the pieces you want and a date, we require a $100 nonrefundable deposit .  This holds your wedding date and pieces for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks a payment of 50% of the contract amount is due with the balance due 10 days prior to your event.  Chic Unique Rentals and Chic Events are proud to offer our military couples a discount on all of our services. 

We accept VISA MasterCard, AMEX and DISCOVER

Virginia Sales Tax of 6%  is applied to rented items. 

Chic Events

If you choose Chic Events to plan your event, we offer a discount on your rentals.